Candoall Corporate Limited is a professional plastic products manufacturer, dedicated to providing OEM and ODM services.

Focusing on custom design and new product development, our factory is skilled with a full range of plastic product.


Planning is the foundation for all kind of successful projects. At Candoall Corporate Limited, we employ the latest design technology & the most creatively experienced professionals. We take design to a new level.


Innovation and expertise are key factors for us. We combine our high mould making skill and in-house work to ensure all project needs are met. Whether developing with a sizeable project or breaking ground on a Green item, our teams pull through.


Often the most effective way to create a new idea is through renovation. Remodeling can also be less costly than a new investment. We provide comprehensive and innovative remodeling that is perfect for almost any projects.

More than Plastic Products

Candoall Corporate Limited sees projects through from the initial design phase to completion. Armed with technicans and a full passion of sales team, we are capable of handling nearly any project. From food and drink to home storage industry, we have had our hand in all sorts of OEM and ODM projects.

We Offer:
  • OEM & ODM Services
  • Recycle Products
  • Innovation & Remodeling


´╗┐Having completed more than thousand products , our designers and sales teams are dedicated, creative, and detail oriented. Since beginning operations in 2006, we have gained a fantastic reputation and outstanding outputs filled with all different kind of projects.

Contact our office at to work with one of our sales staff about your upcoming project.